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An annual is any plant that would naturally survive only one season, going from germination to death in less than a year. Annuals are grown for their continuous blooms during their short lives.

Cold-tolerant annuals, also referred to as hardy annuals, can add early color and interest to the landscape. In the early spring when there’s still a good chance for frost, Minnesota is limited to cold-tolerant annuals. Cold-tolerant annuals have the ability to withstand cooler temperatures in the spring and will frequently withstand temperatures slightly below freezing in the fall.

Cool weather annuals are also cold tolerant; however, they thrive only when the weather is cool. Once the summer gets warm, their blooming slows. Examples of cold-tolerant/cool weather annuals are Calendula, Godetia, Lobelia, Pansies and Violas.

Tips for Growing Healthy Cold-Tolerant Annuals
Acclimate tender plants
events & seminars Start by keeping the plants outdoors during the day any time the temperature is 40 degrees or above. After several days, they should be able to handle the cooler temperatures.
events & seminars Be prepared to move them indoors when the temperature dips below 40 degrees.
events & seminars The plant should be able to withstand a light frost after several days of acclimation.
Frost tolerance
events & seminars This varies by the specific variety of annual.
events & seminars Pansies and Violas can tolerate several degrees below freezing, so they are usually the first annual planted.
events & seminars Most hardy annuals tolerate light frosts, but not freezing.
events & seminars Average last frost date in Minneapolis is May 10.
events & seminars Varies with each variety, refer to plant tag.
events & seminars Perfect for containers or great by themselves, annuals combine well with other early spring blooms. Tuck a few into a summer mixed planter for early color while the summer plants fill out.
events & seminars Annuals also thrive when planted in:
events & seminars
Beds and borders
events & seminars
Gardens interspersed with spring flowering bulbs
events & seminars
Window boxes
events & seminars Containers: Use any peat-like mix such as Bachman’s Mighty Earth™ Potting Soil. For best results, replace soil annually.
events & seminars Ground Beds: Amend soil with compost or peat moss once the frost is out of the ground.
events & seminars Annuals have a very fine, fibrous root system, so ease them out of their pots gently. The outside of the root ball may be a mat of white roots.
events & seminars Make several shallow cuts through these roots to encourage outward growth.
events & seminars Plant them at the same depth they were growing. Annuals don't do well when planted deeper.
events & seminars Varies with each variety, refer to plant tag.
events & seminars After transplanting, water immediately.
events & seminars Frequently water.
events & seminars Add a slow-release granular fertilizer at time of planting.
events & seminars Feed with water-soluble fertilizer weekly.
Ground Beds:
events & seminars Add granular fertilizer at time of planting.
events & seminars Feed with water-soluble fertilizer monthly.
events & seminars Annuals planted in containers and ground beds should be covered with frost cloth if frost is forecasted.
events & seminars Remove frost cloth once the sun rises and temperature is above 32 degrees.
events & seminars Snip out any leaves that develop milky white patches, usually caused from plants that are not fully acclimated.

Cold-Tolerant Annuals
Cool-Tolerant Vegetables
Forget Me Not
Sweet Alyssum
Sweet Peas
Brussels Sprouts

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