Bouquets for Brides, Bridesmaids & Flower Girls

Even the simplest weddings have flowers for the bride, bridesmaids and flower girls. There's just something magical about seeing the wedding party walk down the aisle, clutching a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers.

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Choosing a Bouquet Style
Before you begin picking out the types of flowers you want to use, consider the style of bouquet you want. Popular brides and bridesmaid bouquet styles include:

events & seminars Nosegay Bouquet: Simple and elegant, this round bouquet is made of a bunch of flowers tightly wrapped with ribbon. Another option is to place it in an ornamental bouquet holder, called a tussy-mussy. We can incorporate a large range of flower types and sizes.
events & seminars Hand-tied Bouquet: A more natural and rustic style, this dense bunch of blossoms and greenery can be hand-tied with ribbon or wire.
events & seminars Cascade Bouquet: This dramatic bouquet features a waterfall-like cascade of flowers and greens that drop down from a hand-held base.
events & seminars Biedermeier Bouquet: This variation of the nosegay bouquet features "stripes" of different colored flowers for a bull's eye effect. 
events & seminars Arm Bouquet: Also called a presentation bouquet, this arrangement includes long-stemmed flowers and greenery that can be held in one arm. Picture the type of rose bouquets you see given to beauty queens and stage performers.
events & seminars Composite Bouquet: This unique bouquet is hand-made using petals from different flowers that are wired or glued together to create the illusion of a single, large flower.
events & seminars Pomander Bouquet: Perfect for flower girls, this ball of blooms hangs from a ribbon for easy carrying.

Be Traditional, Or Try Something Different
These days, many brides are looking for something new and different in wedding flowers, while others want to go traditional. Whether your looking for the hottest trend or the trusted classics, we'll help you create the flowers of your dreams.

Bridal & Bridesmaid Bouquet Trends
If you're looking for unique ideas for your bridal bouquet, here are some things to keep in mind:
events & seminars Color trends change every year. At your consultation, ask your floral designer what color is hot right now!
events & seminars As for shape, the cascade bouquet (which was hugely popular in the 80s) is coming back into style. Go for the drama!
events & seminars Unusual flowers and accents are a great way to mix things up. For example, orchids in bridal bouquets or natural embellishments like equisetum, monkey tail and berries.
events & seminars BA new trend for bridesmaid flowers dovetails nicely with the recent trend in bridesmaid dresses: different style/same color. Instead of having each bridesmaid carry the same bouquet, give them different types of flowers within the same color scheme.



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