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7th Annual Koi Show & Auction
Saturday, August 2 | 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Sunday, August 3 | 10 a.m-3 p.m.
Bachman's on Lyndale, Heritage Room

Cost: Free and open to the public
The Upper Midwest Koi Club welcomes koi collectors, pond enthusiasts, and the general public to join them in celebrating some of the most exquisite animals ever kept by private citizens. Bred for patterns, size, and body shape by emperors of Japan and breeders worldwide, koi are considered creations of living art. See some of the most beautiful Koi in the upper Midwest (more than 75 from 6 inches to over 28) or enter the competition by bringing a few of your own. Also, explore some of the new products useful for the hobby. Tours around the show will be made available throughout the day to educate visitors on the different varieties of Koi and answer questions.

August Floral Design Workshops
Thursday, August 14, 6-8 p.m. | SOLD OUT
Saturday, August 16, 2-4 p.m. | SOLD OUT
The Design Room, Bachman’s on Lyndale
Cost: $50

All aboard, Minnesota lovers! This fun and instructional workshop will teach you about native flowers and foliage, then walk you through how to create a stunning summer arrangement using them. Head home with a truly local arrangement, made with your own hands! Part of a series, this educational workshop is led by award-winning Bachman’s floral designer Diane Enge. Ticket expense covers all materials used in your floral creation.

How-to Series: Choosing & Planting a Tree
Wednesday, August 27 | 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Bachman’s on Lyndale, Heritage Room
Cost: $5 | Register Now

Trees provide a variety of benefits to our yards and the environment, but can be an intimidating project when you don’t know exactly what to buy, or how to guarantee planting success. Attend this seminar to learn what to consider when choosing a tree, and how to go about properly planting. Doug Danielsen, Bachman’s nursery buyer, will lead the instruction, provide examples, and leave plenty of time for Q&A.

How-to Series: Yard & Garden Prep
Sunday, September 7, 1-3 p.m. | Register Now
Tuesday, September 9, 5:30-7:30 p.m. | Register Now
Bachman’s on Lyndale, Heritage Room
Cost: $5

A little forethought and fall work makes a gardener’s life much easier come spring! And we’re not just talking about raking leaves. Bachman’s Abby Davis, a professional horticulturist, will lead this seminar and focus on autumn yard and garden tasks that make spring a lot more fun and successful. The class will include a PowerPoint presentation, products and tool examples, and plenty of time for Q&A.

Fall Mini Garden Workshop
Sunday, September 14 | 2-4 p.m.
Bachman’s on Lyndale, Design Room
Cost: $50 | Register Now

Learn how to design and grow your very own miniature garden! Kristen Peterson of Bachman’s will offer some inspiring examples using the very latest and greatest in miniature garden products and accessories. She’ll then lead you through the process of creating your very own mini garden. Learn about appropriate plant use, how to care for your garden, and how to personalize your creation. Cost includes all supplies for your creation, but feel free to bring along personal tokens to personalize your garden further.

September DIY Wedding Floral Design Workshop
Thursday, September 18, 6-8 p.m.
The Design Room, Bachman’s on Lyndale
Cost: $50
| Register Now
This class is for the DIY bride or groom who wants to learn professional tips and tricks for creating their own floral arrangements. It’s not as easy as it looks! Bachman’s veteran AIFD certified floral designer Cathy Brunk will focus her instruction on fabulous centerpieces, while touching on bridal bouquets as well. Ticket expense covers all of the materials used for your floral creations.

September Advanced Floral Design Workshops
Saturday, September 20, 2-4 p.m. | Register Now
The Design Room, Bachman’s on Lyndale
Cost: $100

Go big or go home! Award-winning Bachman’s designer Diane Enge will show workshop attendees how to create dramatic statement pieces well suited for a special event or occasion. Some advanced floral design techniques and tips will be incorporated, including how to make a one-sided arrangement or 360 degrees, based on your space. The best selection of market bunches will be used, plus a variety of foliage, artfully arranged in a large clear “gathering” vase. Ticket expense covers all materials needed for the large floral creation you will build with your own hands and take home.

How-to Series: Drying Herbs & Vegetables
Sunday, September 28, 1-3 p.m. | Register Now
Tuesday, September 30, 5:30-7:30 p.m. | Register Now
Bachman’s on Lyndale, Heritage Room
Cost: $5

Don't let summer slip through your fingers! This seminar will teach you how to preserve those gorgeous tomatoes, peppers, and herbs you've been slaving over for months. Bachman's Abby Davis, a professional horticulturist, will discuss and demonstrate methods for harvesting, cleaning, drying, and storing the bounty from your late-summer garden. The class will include a PowerPoint presentation, products and tool examples, and plenty of time for Q&A.

Horticultural meetings at Bachman's on Lyndale:
- Orchid Society of Minnesota
- Minnesota Peony Society
- Daylily Society of Minnesota
- Minnesota Dahlia Society
- North Star Lily Society

Flower Shows hosted by Bachman's:
- Orchid Show – March
- Daffodil Show – May
- Rose Show – June
- Iris Show – June
- Peony Show – June
- North Star Lily Show - July
- Hosta Society Cut Leaf Show – July
- Daylily Flower Show – July
- Dahlia Show – September
- African Violet Show – October

Fundraising Sales hosted by Bachman's:
- Bulb Sale of the North Star Lily Society – April and October
- Tuber Sale of the MN Dahlia Society – April
- Root Auction of the MN Peony Society – September
- Daylily Sale (Bare Root) of the Daylily Society of MN – May

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