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Our Interior Landscaping department is so much more than a plant rental service! We offer a variety of choices for improving your work environment.

Experience & Quality
For nearly 60 years, Bachman's Interior Landscaping has partnered with more than 800 Twin Cities businesses to transform their office environments into warm, livable spaces. We offer unmatched quality and service along with a solid reputation, consistently ranking in the top 25 plant leasing companies in the United States.

Benefits of Plants in the Office
Simply said, investing in a positive environment is good business. Besides providing a professional and polished look for your company, studies have shown a variety of business benefits. Plants in the office: :

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Provide Cleaner Air: Plant-filled rooms contain 50-60% fewer airborne molds and bacteria than rooms without plants.
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Create More Oxygen: Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, making the air more breathable!
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Improve Workplace Productivity: Studies have shown that the presence of plants in the office increases productivity, reduces absenteeism, reduces health problems and reduces stress.
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Inspire Creativity: According to a study, men and women demonstrated more innovative thinking and generated more ideas/solutions to problems in environments that included plants.

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Get more information about our products and services, see examples of our work in our portfolio and contact us for your free proposal.

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