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Prized for both their ability to perform well in shade, Impatiens can be used in several ways. Suitable as an annual bedding plant, they also perform well in containers, window boxes, baskets and raised planters.

Impatiens Varieties
Varieties Characteristics
Standard Impatiens
events & seminars Their single flowers come in a wide range of solid colors (white, pink, rose, red, purple and lavender) and habits; there are also some swirled and picotee varieties.
events & seminars There are several different types of series, which vary in height, such as:
    events & seminars Super-Elfin, a spreading series.
    events & seminars Accent, a good medium size series.
    events & seminars Blitz 3000, a tall-growing series.
Double Impatiens
events & seminars Double blooms that resemble miniature roses.
events & seminars Colors range from white, pink, rose, red, purple and lavender.
New Guinea Impatiens
events & seminars Their flowers are much larger than other Impatiens with colors that almost glow.
events & seminars The foliage is larger and the plants are more upright than spreading.
events & seminars Some of the varieties have variegated leaves.
events & seminars New Guinea Impatiens were developed to tolerate more sun.
Hybrid Impatiens
events & seminars The Seashell series of hybrid Impatiens offers some incredible colors not available in other types of impatiens.
events & seminars On plants that are slightly more upright than standard Impatiens, the Seashell series comes in a true yellow and fruit colors such as papaya, apricot, passion, peach and tangerine.
events & seminars Another hybrid series is called Firefly; it is a compact plant with small, delicate flowers in a range of colors.
events & seminars Hybrid Impatiens are not as prolific as other varieties listed above.

Tips for Growing Impatiens
Light Requirements
events & seminars Medium to light shade.
events & seminars Impatiens will survive in partial sun but will require more frequent watering; avoid any direct sun from west exposures.
events & seminars Constant moisture is important for Impatiens
Temperature requirements
events & seminars Impatiens are not frost tolerant.
events & seminars Avoid planting outdoors until after May 10 or later.
events & seminars If planted in the ground, top dress soil with 10–10–10 granular fertilizer at time of planting and then again in early summer.
events & seminars Impatiens are heavy feeders; when planted in containers should be fertilized every week with a water-soluble fertilizer.
events & seminars Impatiens are self-cleaning; therefore it is not necessary to prune off dead flowers.
events & seminars To encourage branching, pinch off blooms 1 week after planting.

Troubleshooting Problems with Impatiens
Problem Solution(s)
Not Blooming
events & seminars This is common after transplanting; reassess after 2 weeks.
events & seminars The plant may not be receiving enough light.
Not Growing
events & seminars This is common if Impatiens were planted in soil that hasn’t warmed up to the ideal temperature.
events & seminars Once the soil has warmed, fertilize with a water-soluble fertilizer.
events & seminars Many varieties of impatiens need pinching to encourage branching and limit their height.
Pest Problems
events & seminars Deer, rabbits and slugs enjoy impatiens; check with a Bachman’s representative for treatment options.
Disease Problems
events & seminars Occasionally, Impatiens will develop spots on the leaves, moldy fuzz on the blooms, or a root rot.
events & seminars If this happens, speak with one of Bachman’s horticulturists for assistance.

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