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Hibiscus flowers range from 3-4 inches across to the proverbial dinner plate, 8-12 inches in diameter. In the center of each flower, you'll find a prominent pistil and stamen structure. Color variations range from hot pink, raspberry, mauve, dusty rose and plum. The blooms of many varieties have a dark red center and a few feature a ruffled edge. While each bloom only lasts one day, hardy hibiscus is prolific, sometimes producing more than a hundred blooms in a season.

Tips for Growing Hibiscus
events & seminars Hibiscus grows best in sun.
events & seminars Hibiscus prefers fertile, well-drained, light soil.
events & seminars Spacing varies with each variety. 
events & seminars The tag will indicate the mature height and width of the foliage.
events & seminars Prepare the garden by removing existing vegetation.
events & seminars Till the soil 10" deep; amend existing soil with organic matter such as peat moss or manure.
events & seminars Dig a hole large enough to fit the root ball at the same depth as it was planted in the container.
events & seminars Mulch with 1-2" of organic mulch.
events & seminars Mulching cools the soil, conserves water and helps control weeds.
events & seminars Apply Preen in the spring to help control weeds.
events & seminars After planting, water well.
events & seminars Once established, Hibiscus generally requires an average of 1" of moisture per week.
events & seminars Fertilize with a granular fertilizer such as Bachman’s 10–20–10 each spring.
events & seminars Remove spent flower stems after blooming.
events & seminars Regularly weed the garden throughout the summer.
Winter Care
events & seminars Mulch with straw or chopped leaves 4–6' inches deep after several hard frosts, when the ground is frozen.
events & seminars Uncover in early spring once the ground begins to thaw.
events & seminars Remove dead stems from the previous year's growth.
events & seminars Hibiscus begin to sprout in early summer, usually late May into June.

Troubleshooting Problems with Hibiscus




Japanese Beetle
events & seminars Insect feeds on flowers and leaves.
events & seminars Follow the recommendations on Bachman’s information sheet Japanese Beetle.

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